Higher demand rental houses in The Netherlands

If the Netherlands follows the U.S. does, which is usually the case, the demand for rental houses in the Netherlands continue to rise.

The Dutch Bouwfonds REIM launched together with the American partner because Fairfield U.S. Multi-Family Fund I CV. According REIM is the crisis in the U.S. housing market there is a strong demand for rental housing.

The U.S. Multi-Family Fund I invests in 228 apartments in central Seattle. REIM is based on a total investor returns averaging 14.1 percent per annum (before tax).

Market Development U.S. and the Netherlands?
According to Leon Muller, head of research at Bouwfonds REIM, the popularity of rental properties in the U.S. increased. For example, in June in U.S. homes sold 9 percent fewer than last year, while rental vacancy rates down to 5.9 percent.

"The increase in the debt ceiling and the lower value of Standard & Poor's indicate that the rules for getting a mortgage even sharper. Fewer people can afford a house so, "he says.

In the Netherlands there is also tighter mortgage rules come. Now, in the Netherlands not to the extent there was a bubble. Here we are not dealing with the vacancy rate in the U.S. as we know. Yet the housing stock increased by more nobody really dares to advance to buy a home before the old property is sold. Growth will has to start completely from below (starters) to get back on track and this takes many years.

It seems that the Netherlands once again follows the U.S.!


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Posted at: 04-09-2011

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