Higher rent in 2012

The prices of housing for people with income up to € 43,000 rising by 1 July this year, up 2.3 percent. This is contained in a letter Spies Minister of the Interior sent to municipalities and landlords.
The rent increase for 2012 follows the level of inflation, as agreed in the coalition. For tenants with incomes above the 43,000 euro may also hire the basic rent of the house with up to five percent additional increase. The maximum rent increase before 2012 would reach 7.3%. The government wants to measure the flow in the housing market and promote "skewed housing (people with higher incomes who live in cheap housing) will be.

Landlords can already identify the households at the Tax a (joint) income above the 43,000 euro. The parliament must still approve the proposal of the additional increase of five percent.


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Posted at: 04-02-2012

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