Lawsuit against dutch higher rents for rich people

Four tenants from Amsterdam brought a lawsuit against the Dutch state because of the extra rent increase for tenants with higher incomes.
They find that the measure affects their right to privacy, says the NIS.
The measure would "skewed housing should go against.
Housing associations now ask the income of their tenants information on the Inland Revenue. Who earns annually more than 43,000 euros, could face an additional rent increase of 5 percent, above the usual annual rent increase of 2.3 percent. Sixteen percent of the tenants belongs to that group. Interior Minister Liesbeth Spies (CDA) gives corporations the ability to raise rents in order to get "skewed housing counter.

According to the tenants lacking a legal basis for the measure because the bill has not yet been adopted by the House.


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Posted at: 29-03-2012

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