New energy contract for rental home The Netherlands n...

Energy Contract for your new rental home in Holland needed? We have selected the two best deals of the moment for gas and electricity in the Netherlands for you.

Direct Energy and Energy NL:

Direct Energy is the 4th supplier of gas and electricity in the Netherlands. 600,000 people have already signed a contract with Direct Energy. A contract with Direct Energy is arranged directly online. The billing and helpdesk go online, because of this they can keep the rates for gas and electricity low.

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The Dutch Energy Company

According to research, 92% of the customers who has stepped to the Dutch energy company satisfied. The Dutch energy company has been active since 2005 in the Dutch market and is the largest independent energy company in the Netherlands. Since its inception, the Dutch energy company has experienced tremendous growth gemaak

The choice includes one year period or 3 year.

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Posted at: 04-05-2013

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