No cheap rental houses for middel income

Housing associations have in the past six years thousands of middle-income tenants with a social housing declined. This appears from an unpublished survey of 149 corporations by branch Aedes.
Since January 1 this year, 90 percent of all subsidized housing in the Netherlands (up to 652.52 euros per month rent) will be rented to households with an income of 33,614 euros. This is the result of years of negotiations between the Netherlands and the European Commission. Higher incomes have only one expensive apartment or buy a home.

Eighteen percent of housing associations do more than one quarter of the requests from the group of the middle off. Especially lower middle do not get more social housing allocation.

Tenants Association: including the chronically ill, disabled persons and the victims
According to the tenants association Woonbond several groups to suffer: the chronically ill and disabled who do not fit into a rented house may, with varying income persons, elderly and families who want to live with less expensive with little to spend on housing. The last four months was the Woonbond 3,800 complaints from tenants, the vast majority of social housing in Amsterdam.


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Posted at: 29-07-2011

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