No home on December 1st

Sir and madam Meulema are living in Bedum, in the province of Groningen. But they do not live in their own home: this has collapsed due to earthquakes in the area. Starting December 1st, they have to leave their temporary home as well. In January 2014, the family called the NAM because their barn was about to collapse. Nothing happened. Five months later, the barn collapsed together with their home. It became a long battle with the NAM, according to the company there was deferred maintenance and that is why the insurance had to help pay for the damage. If the insurance did not want to pay, so did the NAM. 

Since, the family Meulema lives in a temporary home of a neighbour. They now live there for 1,5 years. The insurance and NAM have paid, but there is still not enough money to rebuild the house. 

Source: RTL Nieuws

Posted at: 11-11-2015

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