Rental houses in The Netherlands

The factor type of home, of course, is the location of a property an important aspect in determining the rent for brokers or housing associations in Then Netherlands. Furthermore there are various ways to rent a house from a fact;

  • Housing (social housing)
  • Broker
  • Commercial organization

• Individual landlords Holland (property owners)

When going to rent a house in The Netherlnds will be a lease or contractual relationship which both parties must comply. Such an agreement is also used by various organizations and even private landlords.
When changing or moving the house is on a notice in the Netherlands usually 1 or 2 months.
For example, in Flanders, one uses usually a lease with the duration of 1 or 3 years that a tacit character for the same timeframe if not three months of time is terminated. What leading to many misunderstandings, problems and even lawsuits can result.

Unlike an owner may have rented to a lack of constructive things changed as the foundation, rooms, walls etc..

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Posted at: 29-05-2011

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