Rental prices Holland have stabilized

After the rental prices in Netherlands from 2008 to 2009 fluctuated violently, like a free rental sector in calmer waters has occurred.

The prices of apartments in Holland have been five quarters in a row stable. These figures show, saying the biggest platform for rental housing in the Netherlands. The analysis dwellings with a rent of more than 652 euros per month.

Rents of both single-family homes, apartments and villas do not exhibit large fluctuations in more recent quarters. For an average apartment is still the most paid per square meter: 13.32 euros per month. For furnished housing you pay per month on average 14.26 euros per square meter. In three of the four major cities rents rose slightly. Only in Rotterdam, the rent remained exactly the same compared to the first quarter of 2010.

Rental prices in Holland in the private sector in the first quarter of 2011 it arrived at its lowest point since the start of the economic crisis. Compared to the first quarter one year earlier dropped the rent by 1.6 percent, to 12.30 euros per square meter per month to 12.10 euros.

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Posted at: 20-04-2011

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