Rotterdam has most rental houses

Aegon has developed an app that lets you everything about the neighborhood of a new home can learn to buy a home is one of the most important investments in life. AEGON Bank considers it important for homebuyers to take personal responsibility for their financial future. AEGON Bank provides customers with broad access to simple online tools so users can gain quick insight Housing App their spending capacity, now and later. Living with this app is AEGON Bank response to the desire of hunters to find houses to come on near where they want to live.

Amsterdam highly trained

Amsterdam has so according to the AEGON Living app most people with higher education (54%). The capital also houses the largest population (43.5%) with an income below EUR 26,000. Nowhere are there so many single households (56%) and apartments (73%) and in Amsterdam.

Three quarters of Amsterdam also has no car. In contrast, passes three-quarters of households have just one car. And in Lelystad has 17.7% of households have two cars per family, even at the door.

Rotterdam from all major cities, most properties (61.4%). In Haarlem, the inhabitants the most static. Over 43% of Haarlem has not moved since 1997. Here live the people with the highest incomes, 22.5% earn over EUR 70,000. See also rentals Rotterdam

The Hague's most expensive city

AEGON Housing App puts big national, regional and local differences exposed in the housing market. So does the app Living in The Hague of all major cities are the most expensive housing: 1.9% of the housing has a real-property value exceeding EUR 756,000.

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Posted at: 17-07-2011

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