The livingpeople Apeldoorn

Apeldoorn - Apeldoorn People Woonzorg the Housing Corporation is three hundred homes in three flats in the ten high Gentian neighborhood in sales.

The homes will be offered for sale to sitting tenants. Which fail to purchase, then the departure of the tenant houses through a broker sold to third parties.

Buyers may rent apartments, buy 15 percent discount, making a four-room flat at 127,500 euro is. The People Living residential care corporation Apeldoorn is obliged to repurchase the property if desired. An independent broker determines the value. Of any value is 30 percent to the Living People, and 70 percent to the owner. You lose, there is this division.

The People Living Apeldoorn think a good time to have elected to sell the apartments. Not only are the apartments and the buildings recently renovated, the market would be beneficial. ,, Right now we offer people the chance at a good price to buy a house''.


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Posted at: 02-04-2011

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