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Rental house: Apartment renting in Amsterdam

1019KR Amsterdam
€ 1.400,- Rentprice per month
Rental house: Apartment offered by 123Wonen Amsterdam


Description apartment renting in Amsterdam € 1.400,-

This luxury apartment with amazing views of the water is located on the island of Borneo in the Eastern Docklands area. This property has 1 large bedroom and 1 study/guest room. There is also a large garden to share.


Through shared entrance you enter the apartment on the ground floor. The spacious living room is located on the waterfront. The kitchen is at the back of the apartment and is by a playful increase. The kitchen is fitted with various appliances. Also at the back of the apartment are the bedroom and study/guest room situated. Also located here is the bathroom with bath. Toilet is apart. In the storage room you can find the washing machine and dryer.


Also there is a free parking spot!


Available directly

Rent price: 1400,- excl ( 1600,- inclusive utilities )

Properties apartment renting in Amsterdam € 1.400,-

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