Apartment renting in Eindhoven, Bomanshof

Not available apartment in Eindhoven

Rental house: Apartment renting in Eindhoven

5611 NL Eindhoven
€ 995,- Rentprice per month
Rental house: Apartment offered by RNC Wonen


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Information about RNC Wonen

Postbus 42
5270 AA Sint-Michielsgestel

Tel: 073 85176 20
Fax: 084-8358170

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Apartment for rent in Eindhoven

apartment in Eindhoven

Smalle Haven
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For rent modern, luxurious and newly furnished apartment in the center of Eindhoven with modern furniture, washer / dryer, TV, internet, cutlery etc.It is a modern apartment. The apartment is fully furnished and features a private bedroom, bathroom, separate kitchen, large stor... continue reading

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Apartment for rent in Eindhoven

apartment in Eindhoven

37 m²
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Direct available Apartment Heezerweg, at Eindhoven  ( second floor ):      No housing allowance possible. Apartment with a private kitchen, seprate bedroom and private bathroom! Classification of the apartment: From the shared entrance hall, you ... continue reading

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