Apartment renting in Eindhoven, Klundertstraat

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Rental house: Apartment renting in Eindhoven

5652JS Eindhoven
€ 740,- Rentprice per month
Rental house: Apartment offered by Friendlyhousing


Description apartment renting in Eindhoven € 740,-

Renovated and luxurious furnished apartment provided with 1 bedroom located on the first floor of a former residence. There are a total of 3 apartments in the house.

Global layout:
Central entrance.
Apartment first floor:
Living room of approx. 16,5 m2 with an open kitchen. 
Bedroom located at the front of the house of approx. 14 m2 with a double bed.
From the livingroom access to the bathroom with shower, toilet and wash-basin.
Shared storage located at the back of the house..
Shared washing machine located on the first floor.

The apartment is fully and luxuriously furnished!

Other conditions:
- The rent is excluding service costs of € 70.00 per month, excluding € 80.00 rent furniture and excluding fixed amount g/w/e ad € 75.00 per month;
- All-in rent per month is € 935.00 per month;
- For habitation by 2 persons there will be extra energy charges of 25 euro´s per month.
- Including Internet;
- Minimum rental period is 6 months;
- Suitable for occupancy by a maximum of 2 persons;
- One-time rental costs are € 150, - excl. 21% VAT.

Properties apartment renting in Eindhoven € 740,-

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