Apartment renting in Eindhoven, Strijpsestraat

Not available apartment in Eindhoven

Rental house: Apartment renting in Eindhoven

5616 GN Eindhoven
€ 975,- Rentprice per month
Rental house: Apartment offered by Stoit Groep BV


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You may contact us via the contact details on the right.

Information about Stoit Groep BV

Vestdijk 23
5611 CA Eindhoven

Tel: 0885555040

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Apartment for rent in Eindhoven

apartment in Eindhoven

60 m²
€ 850,-

There is currently no information about this Apartment that is available since 28-03-2013. The Apartment is situated near the Tramstraat in Eindhoven. For more information, please contact the Real estate agent

Apartment for rent in Eindhoven

apartment in Eindhoven

26 m²
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For rent in the lively stratum in Eindhoven. This fully furnished two room studio suitable for 2 persons / (students), is located on the ground floor at the rear of the property with garden. Near shops, such as AH and roads like the Ring and the A67. The studio has its own ... continue reading

Room for rent in Eindhoven

room in Eindhoven

22 m²
€ 385,-

For rent in the center of Eindhoven. This room is furnished. A bed, desk chair and wardrobe. The room is very light through its windows across the entire width. These are equipped with blinds and curtains. You only have one roommate, thus share the following facilities: bathroo... continue reading

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