Family house renting in Eindhoven, Sint Odastraat

family house in Eindhoven

Rental house: Family house renting in Eindhoven

Sint Odastraat
5614 AM Eindhoven
€ 1.850,- Rentprice per month
Rental house: Family house offered by Stoit Groep BV


Description family house renting in Eindhoven € 1.850,-

Find all information regarding this object on the website of Stoit Groep: In the beautiful, " White Village" -built building of Dudok, built of the type; Extra high !! (500m3)
The St. Odastraat stands out as the only street in this district as the extra wide avenue with both sides of trees and an additional green strip on the side of the front yard, so that from the living room you feel that you are living in a park. At 200 mtr. From the ' Burghplein' with its child-friendly playground.

Very nice, well maintained mansion with preservation of authentic elements. The city park, the theater and the city center are within walking distance.

The house is characterized by a sunny living room with wood burning fireplace, a room and suite, a living / dining kitchen with modern furnishings with built-in appliances, wooden floors on all floors, stuc work walls and ceilings, 2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms and a sunny garden.
The rental price is excluding energy costs.

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Properties family house renting in Eindhoven € 1.850,-

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