Room renting in Eindhoven, Sint Adrianusstraat

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Rental house: Room renting in Eindhoven

Sint Adrianusstraat
5614 EN Eindhoven
€ 640,- Rentprice per month
Rental house: Room offered by Goeth Vastgoed


Description room renting in Eindhoven € 640,-

Nice studenthouse centrally located within the ring of Eindhoven.

You share the common areas such as kitchen, living room, laundryroom etc in total with 4 persons. 
Room is including private bathroom!

The house has a common living room and a large kitchen, backyard, garage, laundry room, two toilets and a bathroom with separate shower and bathtub.

The kitchen has a fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine.

The property is located in a quiet neighborhood, within walking distance of bus stops and supermarkets.

The center is only 7 minutes away. University, Fontys and the Central Station are about 10 minutes cycling distance.

Special features:
- Rent 640 Euros including all costs.
- 2 rooms for private use, a room of 16m2 and a room of 8m2. There is also a shower for private use in this room.
- Deposit is one month rent.
- Minimum rental period of 12 months.
- Cleaning of common areas included.
- Free parking

Properties room renting in Eindhoven € 640,-

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