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Houseboat for rent in Valkenswaard

houseboat in Valkenswaard

109 m²
€ 1.995,-

Very nice furnished villa, located within walking distance to the forest. And only a 20-minute drive to the center of Eindhoven, ASML and HTC. Layout: Entrance with staircase and access to the living room. The ha... Continue reading

Available from: 01-11-2019. Offered since: 06-09-2019


Houseboat for rent in Loosdrecht

houseboat in Loosdrecht

68 m²
€ 1.950,-

Just 20 minitues from Amsterdam or Utrecht our beautiful houseboat for rent. 100 m2 garden, 2 parkingplaces and a beautiful view! Middle in nature. Holliday feeling near Amsterdam! Great kitchen with all utilities, bedroom with ... Continue reading

Directly available. Offered since: 27-03-2017


Houseboat for rent in Den Bosch

houseboat in Den Bosch

Brede Haven
Den Bosch
65 m²
€ 1.150,-

There is currently no information about this Houseboat that is available since 07-01-2016. The Houseboat is situated near the Brede Haven in Den Bosch. For more information, please contact the Real estate agent

Houseboat for rent in Groningen

houseboat in Groningen

U.T. Delfiaw...
50 m²
€ 925,-

4 Very neat, new apartments on 10 minutes by bike to the City Center. The apartemts are seperated in 2 floors. The kitchen is equiped with all luxury. Parking is easy in front of the boat. Please call is un order to plan a vie... Continue reading

Directly available. Offered since: 18-07-2015

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