Room renting in Zaandam, Apolloplantsoen

Not available room in Zaandam

Rental house: Room renting in Zaandam

1501BD Zaandam
€ 450,- Rentprice per month
Rental house: Room offered by 123Wonen Alkmaar


Description room renting in Zaandam € 450,-

123Wonen offers:

In a prime location near the center of Zaandam we offer four separate rooms for rent

     Room 1: 9m2 450 euros per month
     Room 2: 12 m2 500 euros per month
     Room 3: 13m2 550 euros per month
     Room 4 13m2 550 euros per month


     Prices include gas, water, electricity and internet
     There is a communal kitchen
     Behind the house is the garden with shed. These are also for common use

Properties room renting in Zaandam € 450,-

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